Wednesday, August 21, 2013

4D Ultrasound

Coming up on the 12th Week....and still not feeling pregnant at all.
If this is how easy its going to be, the Duggar family might have a little competition.
I went to a Development Dr. today that gives 4D Sonograms. 
Everything is still right on track.

 Isn't that so crazy!!!
They also gave me a CD of over 20 pictures and a couple videos.
She did make a guess on what she thinks the gender of the baby is. She said she felt 80% sure.
I'm going to wait to share till I have a chance to get a few things to "make it cute". 
(I love Pintrest!)
Hopefully she is right.


  1. Thats crazy! I wish that I would have done that! Good luck with the pregnancy!

  2. Aren't those ultrasounds amazing?! Also, I don't think I really felt pregnant until I was well into my second trimester when I really started to show!

  3. Absolute proof that it is a fully formed baby! Beautiful! I am just so amazed by technology today, and the things we can see at so early in a pregnancy. With all that info, I am flabbergasted that there are people who refuse to believe it's a baby that early on. Congratulations! Whatever you're hoping he/she to be, I hope it's right too. :)

    Btw, I read your last post the other night and decided to give some of those tricks a try. I too am pregnant; 15 weeks today! I did the baking soda test last night, and it said boy. The thing foamed like crazy! Then, I did it this morning, and it said girl; not even the tiniest bit of a fizzle. We're hoping for a girl, so we're crossing our fingers! :) Good luck on your pregnancy! Don't worry, you'll start feeling pregnant soon. I didn't start feeling pregnant with my first one until halfway through the 2nd trimester.

  4. Those 4D sonograms are so awesome! So weird to see that babies start out looking like that!

  5. Love the pics!
    And if you plan on competing with the Duggars I will be poor!

  6. I've been behind on my blog-reading and didn't even know you were prego! Congrats!!