Tuesday, February 3, 2015

11 Months

Once again, I am late.
Emma is 11 months and one week today.
Just 24 more days and I will have a ONE YEAR OLD!
Being a mom has been such a wonderful experience...and very trying.
I hope Emma is loving her life as much as I am loving her and the way she has changed mine.
~She has been really working on walking. She can take about 10 steps on her own before she plops down. I can tell she thinks its awesome.

~Still really not saying any words. She squeals and makes a ton of noise but nothing that I can make a word out of...except dadada...I don't really count that though. 

~She now gives high fives.

~She has 6 teeth.

~Still not even close to sleeping through the night.... but nap times are becoming much much better.

~Eating this month has been a little stressful. She will not open her mouth for a spoon if is she is not busy doing something else. Usually I will give her a paper towel to tear up and feed her quickly before the towel is all in pieces and on the floor.  I don't understand why she fights me on this. I'm thinking she might be over the mush baby food. 

~When we are at her My Gym classes I watch all the other little ones sit calmly and play with toys. Emma cant seem to do that. She has to be moving at all times. 

~She has graduated from eating sand to digging holes when we are at the beach.

This pretty much sums up what my home looks like 98% of the time. 
I still cant believe I kept her alive coming up on a whole year! :)


  1. Oh my heavens, she is too cute!!
    I bet you're right about the mushy baby food. Mia was the same way! So I started giving her tiny bits of banana and avocado, easily mushed in their mouths and I didn't worry as much about choking! Anyway, she might LOVE real food! They watch us and want to be just like us (even though they are still baby's, ha!)

  2. I hope sleeping through the night happens soon. :)

  3. Your last sentence cracked me up! I say the same thing about my oldest...I'm like "I can't believe I've kept something alive for 13 years!" It's incredible if you think about it :) Pat yourself on the back, mama. It is no easy job.

  4. I can't believe your coming up on a year!! Thats crazy, time fly's for sure!!!