Thursday, February 12, 2015

Luakaha Falls

These falls have been on my list of things to do for awhile now. They are located behind someones home that doesn't like people in their back yard. Yes... Behind this extremely lucky persons house is this HUGE waterfall. 
Every time they walk out of their door this is what they see.
But with comes that....comes people like me :)  (but im quiet and i don't leave trash)

Now technically this waterfall is not theirs. 
It is on the Board of Waters property so, is trespassing but as long as you stay off of this houses grass the home owners cant do anything...but if you get caught by the Board of Water that is another story. 

It is a short walk to where you have to scale down a rock to get to the bottom of the falls.
 Doesn't look to difficult in pictures but it was definitely a little sketchy.
Thank goodness for the rope.
 As you can see behind me is the well manicured lawn of these peoples home.
 It was very pretty.
 I didn't get to take a head-on photo of the whole thing without any branches in the way because that would mean I was inching my way towards the forbidden grass.
 As we made our way up we were greeted by the not so nice homeowner.  
Killing her with kindness and still receiving attitude back we quickly left.
I understand that it would become extremely annoying that there are always people in your back yard area (and probably some disrespectful people at that)...but when you live by a huge beautiful waterfall and its not "technically" yours, people are going to want to share in the beauty. 
I'm just glad I got my photos.
I wont be back lady...don't worry.

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