Wednesday, February 25, 2015

12 Month Update

 February 27

 Oh my sweet girl.
I can't believe you are a year old. 
Time really does fly when you're having fun. 

~ She is walking full speed ahead. 

~ 7 teeth. 4 on top 3 on the bottom

~ Loving solid foods. And throwing them too.

~ Putting her down for her naps and bedtime has gotten so much better. It used to be a 30-40 minute ordeal with a ton of screaming. It now is a diaper change, book/song, a kiss goodnight and just laying her down and walking away. Its been so nice. She is still waking up 3-5 times during the night but its not so stressful when I lay her back down during those times.

~ First pair of shoes
She had quite a few pairs but she is still quite small and still don't fit them so we bought her these that are adjustable.
 On a walk

~ She heads to the doctor soon for her vaccines.
Its worrying me a little just because she is so little and the shot at one year of age is so scarey. I have already called and pushed the appointment back a week. Its probably all in my head but I am still  apprehensive.

~ She has been working on climbing on furniture. I am not sure if I am loving her new activity but it is what it is.

~ Loves to wash her hands...more so just the water running. Bath time she is by the spout the whole time, hand under.

~At ALL TIMES she has to be holding something. Usually it is something that isn't even one of her toys. Nail polish bottle, sample size shampoo bottle, hair clip. and this "thing" will not be let go for anything!

~She really seems to like to play pass the toy with your mouth. She will come close to me with one of her toys in the mouth and makes me take it with my mouth. We pass this toy back and forth like that a good 6-7 till she gets board.

~She is loving her books lately! Not really sitting and letting me read to her but turning the pages. I try to get her to look at the pictures but she just wants to keep flipping.

~ She has started associating things with words. She 100% knows Bolo's name and that he is the big thing that lives in our house.

~She is dominating her My Gym classes. She wants to climb, jump and scale everything that she can get her hands on.

Stay tuned for all of her fist birthday pictures!


  1. Happy 1st brithday Emma have a beautiful and very blessed day can.t wait till I can meet you

  2. oh darling emma!! happy birthday sweet girl! I cant believe its already been a year!!! and Katie--GOOD JOB MOMMA!!! you did it! The first year. Hugs to you. (I want to squeeze her she is so cute!!)

  3. She is such a cute little walker! Happy Birthday, Emma! :)

  4. I love this! And those shoes! tooooooo cute! But when you put them on a cute girl like her... double cute factor!!