Monday, February 9, 2015

Ehukai Pillbox

I haven't been on to many hikes in the North Shore of Oahu. There are a lot of sections that are government land (military training) or the hikes are just wayyy out of my league. Mike, Emma and I decided to head north and check this one off my list. We only have a couple weekends left in Hawaii so I am really starting to buckle down with things that we need to see before we leave.

I knew that the last surfing competition was coming up but I just wasn't sure of the dates. Coming up to where we should park for the hike, I realized when we were in 30 minute traffic jam that Volcom Pipe Pro was indeed happening. This road is only a one lane both ways road.... so when you can not find a parking spot you have to turn around in sitting traffic. Lets just say trying to park was a good 60 min. 
We were about to give up.  
Emma was screaming from being in her seat to long.
It was not fun! 
We were just going to give it one more go and we became lucky with a spot semi close. 

This hike was super easy. 
A quick 20 minutes to the first pillbox and you see some amazing views of the North Shore.

 The waves were enormous at Pipeline!!! 
Perfect for the competition.
It was a pretty amazing view of the show.

Such a quick hike with a amazing pay off! 
And just because it took forever parking...we went across the street to watch the Volcom Pipe Pro.


  1. Ugh. So jealous. I miss living in Hawaii!

  2. Winters in Hawaii are awesome with the Surf Competitions!!! So Fun!!!!

  3. Wow! Y'all had such an amazing view of the competition! Awesome!