Monday, February 23, 2015

North Shore Fun

We always have such a good time when we head to the North Shore. 
When you think of a "local Hawaii town"...that is Haleiwa.
Everyone's outside on a bike/ shoes...bathing suit...salty hair...tan body' get it right?

I bought Emma a life jacket so we could have some fun on the water before we move. 
 Haleiwa river is the perfect place to test it out.
She was ready! 
 She was the stillest she has ever been. 
The child does not EVER stop moving...and she just laid there.
it was amazing!

 My waterproof camera makes it really hard to see what you are taking pictures of so I was pretty much blind shooting. This was the only one that I took with all three of us...after many attempts.
 I still cant believe how calm she was with this bulky life jacket.

 Laying down to see the water.

 Rainbow bridge river is always so peaceful. There are usually a ton of turtles swimming around while you paddle but this time we didn't see any. Definitely depends on the time of year for them I guess.
It was a great day on the water.
 The other times I paddled Rainbow Bridge. 
3rd time


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  2. She has been on so many amazing adventures that most adults don't ever get to experience. :)