Wednesday, April 8, 2015

4th Day - Kauai

The day started with another beautiful sunrise.

Did I mention that Kauai has a CRAZY amount of wild chickens. Way more the Oahu.
They are so beautiful too.
I never thought I would have ever said that last sentence.

OK...enough with the chickens.

  We relaxed most of the morning...packed and checked out of the condo.
We headed to one last activity before our flight back home. 
The fern grotto was the perfect end to the vacation.
 Emma was a crazy girl in the airport. 
I am very aware of other people and never want to inconvenience anyone. I thought for sure I would have been apologizing to everyone on the flight. Thank goodness for the 3 year old sitting in front of us. He was playing peek-a-boo the whole way home with Emma. Little did he know he was saving everyone's ears.

Overall it was such a great trip. I think the hardest part was bed time for Emma. The plan was for her to sleep in our bed. But when she goes to bed at 7 with no bars (crib bars) to keep her on the bed I had to stay with her till she fell asleep. Not being her "normal" surroundings made sleeping hard for her. Also, windows in Hawaii are jealousy windows and our bedroom was on the hallway. Every time someone walked past she was wide awake wondering who that was.  Only 3 nights so we all survived.

Thank you Kauai for being such a beautiful ending to our three years in Hawaii.

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  1. Wow that sunrise is stunning! That is the one thing I really loved about Hawaii was the gorgeous sunrises.