Monday, April 20, 2015

Birds, Seals and Whales Oh My!

Keana Point is the western most tip of Oahu. 
Its BEAUTIFUL there!
It is a wild life sanctuary so there are always a ton of creatures there. 

Department of Land Natural Resources has started keep track of everyone that drives out to the point. Anyone can hike the 3 mile of coast line to the gate of the sanctuary, but you now need a pass and a lock combination in order to take your 4wheel drive vehicle to the gate of the actual start of the sanctuary.

I had requested a pass a while ago and was finally able to use it a few weekends ago. 
We took some friends out to show them around and decided to make it a afternoon of it. 

We of course explored the point first. 
The gate to the left  keeps out any unwanted stray animals (dogs) that would harm the wildlife.
There were a TON of Sea Birds. 
All the other times I have been here I have never seen as many as there were.
A baby Sea Bird.
Look at his little feet.  :)

3 sleeping Monk Seals
Its nice they finally have signs. 
Some people don't know that it is harmful to the seals to keep waking them when they are sleeping. Of course people want to sit right next to them to get the "perfect picture" but they need their rest for those rough seas and predators.
I could have watch these guys forever. 
This is called "flirting"

As we were walking back to where we had parked, a whale gave us a little show.
This was it my big boy lens and it still seem so far away.
 Big splash
 He breached a couple times and then went on his way.
 I was pretty disappointing in my self for not checking my settings. Most of my photos were blurry of this guy.

After we got back to the car, we moved to a more private spot and set up for dinner.
We grilled hot dogs and hamburgers while the sun was going down.
 Keana Point is the best place on Oahu to watch the sunset (my opinion).

It was the perfect afternoon.

As we were leaving the dirt road and coming up to the gate we saw emergency vehicles lights flashing. As we were unlocking the gate to drive through, a fireman approached us and asked if we had saw anyone paddle boarding along the way. It being pitch dark out we hadn't.  But how scarey if the tide took you out in the middle of the ocean and it was now dark.
I hope they found whoever it was. 


  1. Oh my goodness that baby Sea Bird is absolutely adorable! I love it. :)

  2. Those sunset pictures are gorgeous! So glad you were able to enjoy your pass!

  3. That sunset is gorgeous and Emma is a doll!