Sunday, April 19, 2015

Chasing Waterfalls

The days are dwindling down to how much longer I have on this little island in the middle of the Pacific ocean.
 I can count the number on two hands now.....Whaa
With the movers coming any day, I have been squeezing as much adventuring / laundry / cleaning / organizing as I can in a 24 hour span.

I recently took a friend that just moved here to her first waterfall. There are so many to choose from on Oahu so it was hard for me to narrow the one we should go to. I chose Lulumahu. It is a pretty large one that is close to our houses. 
I had been three times before so I knew the route. 
It is so crazy. The first time I went to these falls was about 2 years ago. I did not see a single soul the whole hike. Going this time we were hiking in front of and behind a ton of people. The falls were packed! Social media sure makes things change quick! 

The falls

And because we were so close I wanted to show her a little interesting history.
King Kamehameha's summer palace. 
 Because Emma was strapped to my back during the whole hike I let her stretch her legs and explore.

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  1. I am obsessed with waterfalls and for that reason alone I would love to live in Hawaii lol. So beautiful!