Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sea Life Park

These kind of parks always make me so sad. 
The animals live in small pools of water when there is a huge ocean a football field away. It is so depressing but we decided to spend the day here and give Emma the experience of seeing all the beautiful sea life. 
Sea Life Park says they rehabilitate the sick, release back in the wild, and give homes to the elderly that would for sure be killed in the open ocean by predictors. It makes me feel a touch better about it.....
but not really.

First exhibit when you walk in is the shark tank.
 Hammer Heads

Sea Life Park is a "hands on" park.
They offer interactive programs such as swim with the sharks experience.
Also a dolphin swim, stingray snorkel, and sea lion swim

 sting ray
 Next we checked out the turtles.

They had a pretty big fenced in area with probably about 100 birds or more. You were able to walk in and feed them.

 Passed by the penguins
 and some starfish
 The Sting Ray exhibit.
 People were getting in to snorkel as we were passing by
The Sea Lions.
I noticed that they all had their eyes closed. ???

 Quick stop at the playground
 There a bunch of 15 minute shows through the day that you could go to.
We first saw the Sea Lion show.

 Emma LOVED it!
She watched the whole time.

And next was the Dolphin Show
Emma and I sat in the front so she could get splashed. 
 Overall we had a pretty great day.
 I still am sad about the captivity of the animals at these parks. :(
Emma had a wonderful time though. 

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