Thursday, October 15, 2015

2015 Family Photos

I would like to start taking family photos at least once a year. 
I like to see the progression of our I like to have updated photos in picture frames.
I was lucky enough to have a really talented friend when we lives in Hawaii that took amazing pictures for us.
In West Virginia, I am not so lucky.

As a family living on one income right now, I cant justify spending $$$ on professional photos at this moment. 
I have a nice camera so I decided to give the DIY photo shoot a try. 

The first step was purchasing a remote and a tripod.

I did a little research on Pintrest of some nice poses, got all dressed up and headed out to one of my favorite parks.

This is where the fun started.

I now understand why people pay the big bucks for a professional. 

The plan was to take a couple pictures on the trail, but most of the pictures would be taken when we reached the lake. 

Probably half way to the lake, with no photos taken yet, (because I wanted to get closer so I wouldn't have to put stuff away and then take it out again) poor Bolo got stung by a bee. 
Are you kidding me. 
The bee stung him on his paw so he would not put any weight on it after that. I got the stinger out but he was now holding it in the air. 
Mike took his nice shirt off and carried him just a little longer, but we decided not to go to the lake anymore but do all the photos in the trail instead. 
Emma was starting to get tired because nap time was coming up.
I have been to this park twice before and both times I had been the only car in the parking lot. Not on this day. Trying to get a baby and a dog to look at the camera while people walk past us is not the easiest thing to do (I know I am in a public place though).
And to top it off, my camera was not working the way it had been ever since I had gotten it. I am still not sure what was going on with it but it was becoming EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING! 

So out of 237 photos, I have 4 semi-decent ones. 

I will go head and show you those first, then the bloopers will be after that.

So I tried my best with how the day had played out. From the sleepy baby, to the bee sting.
These will just have to do for our fall family photos.
Next time I will be hiring someone. 

And just for fun, here is pretty much what the rest of the 233 photos look like. 
(i didn't bother editing them)


  1. The photos turned out amazing!! :)

  2. Wow. I'm impressed you got as many good ones as you did. I tried this once before as well and it pretty much turned out to be a disaster. Ever since I've looked for coupons or even new photographers offering deals when they are getting started. It's hit or miss, but much easier than trying myself.

  3. it is so hard taking your own family photos!! i should know because i'm a photographer and i've done this the last 2 years since we've added nash...and its been a PAIN. lol your "semi decent" ones arent so bad. i wish we lived closer (instead of across the country) and i'd take your photos for you!!

  4. You did a great job! And they say that on the old 25 exposure film if you got 1 good one you were doing good. We (I) took our last ones and I put my mom on the otherside of the camera (I used a remote and tripod to actually shoot) too keep Addison's attention :). But you did great! I like them. I think my fave is the second and third one.