Monday, October 19, 2015

Fall Hikes

There is no hiding that I love to go outside and explore. My love first started just a couple years ago when I lived in Hawaii. I had never really stopped to listen to the birds or feel the wind blow the way I do now. Of course I would "enjoy" pretty things outside back then, but I never truly loved it the way I do now. 
I want my baby to feel the grass between her toes at a young age. 
With that said, I am always looking for new places to go and explore as much as I can. 
Moving to West Virginia has become a little tricky with my exploring bug that I have. Hawaii, I was able to get around the whole island and adventure, then come home and have plenty of time to make dinner.  Here, everything seems so far away. The places where I would really love to go takes 2-3 hours just to drive there. Count the hour or so of actual exploring, then the 2-3 hours to drive home. Mike and I are looking into buying a RV to make things a little easier with being able to travel long distances...especially with Bolo.  
Don't get me wrong, there are still neat places around my home to see but I can only duplicate them so many times.
This Fall will be Emma's first. 
Sadly, we don't have a tree in our yard so there will be no throwing her into a pile of leaves, but on our hikes we do we get plenty of opportunities to see all the changing colors. 
Wine Celler Park has been my favorite place to go at the moment. There is never anyone there and it is a easy walk for I can run some energy out of her. 
I don't like to take Bolo with us when we walk to far. He doesn't really seem to enjoy it so I don't want to push him. 
This day it was so beautiful and I wanted him to get some fresh air so we took the walk extra slow. 
We sat at the lake for a good hour just taking it all in. 
These are the best days. 
Once again, I knew we weren't going to far so Bolo was able to come and explore with us to 
The Devils Tea Table.
It was a huge rock in the middle of the forest. 
A very peaceful spot. 

We were exploring another part of West Virginia when we came up on a creek with some beautiful waterfalls.
Keeney Creek
I am such a sucker for a waterfall, big or small.
 I just wish I had my good camera with me.
I am just going to have to come back to check out all of the other waterfalls in this area.
There are so many!

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  1. There is nothing quite like being outside and enjoying the surroundings. :)