Monday, October 26, 2015

Gritts Farm X2

Emma and I headed out to Gritts farm once again for some fun. We had went a few weeks ago when Mike was able to go and now Emma and I went again with some friends and their kids. 

Diving out there was pretty much a disaster. 
I had Emma in a Halloween shirt, a sweatshirt and of course a pair of pants. Half way through driving she started to say "wet" over and over. Then it hit me...when I smelled it. 
She threw up. 
It had only happened one other time and it was when she had yogurt for breakfast. 
Well today you guessed it. 
I guess if we are going to be going in the car then yogurt is not a good choice for her. 
I tried to clean her up as best as I could but that smell just doesn't come out using only baby wipes. 
I thank goodness put a change of clothes in the car...of course they didn't match, but oh well.
 The only problem was her sweatshirt. 
I had her wear it a little when the wind was blowing, but every chance I could take it off her, I did. 

 Still loving the goats. 
side note: I really thought moving to West Virginia we were going to have a little bit of land in order to have a couple goats or some chickens. I knew she would have loved it...and so would have I. 

 The first time we came here, Emma was not able to play in the corn box. There was so many kids in there that there would have been definitely tears from getting hurt. This time around there was still field trips at the farm but the groups stayed together. So when they were at one activity the whole group was there enjoying themselves. The time before the kids were running wild everywhere.

She had a blast in the corn box and looking at the goats. 
See ya next year Gritts Farm. 

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  1. I love the first picture of you 2! You look great. :)