Friday, October 9, 2015

Halloween Craft

Last year I made a craft activity with Emma during Halloween. This year I wanted to do the same but couldn't choose between two which "painting" to do, so we did both.

Before we started it though, I let Emma have a little fun finger painting. 
I had mentioned it a little before, but I will say it again. 
Emma hates getting dirty.
If she is eating and she knows there is food on her cheek she is not able to take another bite in till it has been wiped off. 
Or if she falls and gets dirt on her hands and knees she is stiff as a board in till it is dusted off.
I am working on this with Emma telling her it is okay to get a little messy sometimes. Not everything has to be picked up or wiped down at that exact moment. 
This activity she was a little weary of in the beginning, but seemed to like it the more she played. 

 These are the crafts that she ended up doing.
The pumpkin is her hand pressed around in a circle. The grass are her fingers and the bats are the tips of her fingers. 
 . The feet were just so cute we had to do this one also!  


  1. Both are adorable! Love them!

  2. I love these, she looks so happy! :)