Saturday, October 17, 2015

Gritts Farm - photo heavy!

I am sure I have mentioned this every October that I have been blogging, but I will say it again. Halloween is my favorite holiday! 
From every aspect!...except knowing snow is coming.
Mike finally had a day off so we went to pick pumpkins.
 This farm had so much to do. 
Hill slides, corn pit, hay rides, corn mazes.... 
I had written a couple posts ago when Emma and I went to the pumpkin festival buses and buses of kids were there on a field trip.
Once again we had the idea to go on a Thursday because Saturday and Sunday were just going to be crazy packed with family's....right? 
Well, the buses were there. 
I loved field trips, and these are the type of places that are perfect for kids, and don't get me wrong, I love kids. 
But when your child isn't able to enjoy somethings because there are 200 kids having fun themselves, it makes me just wish the buses would disappear. 

 Emma could not get enough of the goats. 
 We went through the corn maze. Emma was giving us a bit of a hard time, so we weren't in it to long. 
 WV had been having a cold spell recently, but not on the day we came here.
It was in the low 80s. 

 The next few years we will be living here we will be seeing how tall she gets each time we come.
 I was trying to get her to sit alone but she was just not having it. 

 Now time to pumpkin pick

Emma picked out her own pumpkin this year.

What a great idea! 
I had never seen a pumpkin washing station before. 
She learned how to smell flowers recently. She now smells every flower. 
We had such a great time here. 
I still cant believe we got 2 huge pumpkins, 1 medium pumpkin and 2 little pumpkins all for $17.00. In Hawaii that would have been $40.00!  

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