Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Carriage Trail

It was such a beautiful day to be outside so Emma and I needed to get some fresh air. 
The Sunrise Carriage Trail is in the middle of a neighborhood filled with beautiful homes.  
 The trail zig-zags under a mile long so I was ready to let Emma explore herself without me having to carry her/stroller. 
This trail has so much history to it. The Governor of Charleston,WV built this trail in 1905 to have ox drawn wagons carry stones and supplies up to his mansion at the top of the trail. The road leading to the mansion was to steep for the ox hence the zig-zag. 
There were quite a few neat structures that were at each turn.
 I was so surprised to see that with heavier rains there could be a good flowing small waterfall. 
Expect to see photos in the future of this. :)
 The Sunrise Trail is very well maintained with a ton of beautiful things to see. I know that this will definitely be a placee that Emma and I will come back to see. 

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