Thursday, October 29, 2015

Bridge Day 2015

Bridge Day in West Virginia is the biggest event in the state.
They close off the New River Gorge Bridge for the over 150,000 people that show up for the day. 
This is the longest arch bridge in the western hemisphere so it is the largest tourist attraction here also.
The main event at bridge day is the base jumpers that are legally allowed to jump. 

They also have zip-lining, walking under the bridge, repelling, white water rafting and of course food. 

We headed out knowing it was going to be a bit chilly outside. 
I guess we weren't really prepared for HOW COLD IT WAS! 
More so Emma because shes all I cared about.
I had her pretty layered up but I still felt like she was cold, so we didn't stay on the bridge to long.
I got a couple shots and left the blistering wind. 

 Kayaking rapids 
 Rafting groups

 Cant imagine how cold this water was!
I was hoping the trees would have changed a little more before this day but it was still very pretty.
Note to self for next year: dress like it is snowing out. 


  1. I absolutely love the New River Gorge area. I hope one day we are able to go to Bridge Day! I know it would be so awesome to see!