Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Amusement Park Time

Emma and I went to her first amusement park recently with some friends. She really wasn't loving it in the beginning. It took her about an hour to warm up to all the rides. 
This was her very first ride and this was the face the whole time. 

Camden Park is a really old amusement park. It almost looks like a traveling fair type place but it doesn't move. It has only one roller coaster and a couple of rides. There is only one place to get a hot dog, one place for funnel cakes, one place for lemonade and one place for ice cream. That's it...so really small. 

Being hugely pregnant I wasn't able to go on a lot of the rides. The bar that comes down to lock you in to the rides just don't fit, so we had to sit out on quite a few things. I also got a little nervous about her getting sick. She gets terrible car sickness, and all of these rides are circle rides. 
Her absolute favorite was the merry go round. 
We went on that one 4 times. 

The train ride was also a big hit with her. And I didn't mind because I could sit down for a minute. 

OK, so who has seen this before. It was a first for me. Paying to go to the bathroom?

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