Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Furever Home

Meet Cami. 
(shelter name Betsy)
She found her forever home...with us. 
 I don't know who I was fooling thinking that I could volunteer at the Human Society and not fall in love.
I had taken her "out for the day" a couple times and she just seemed to fall in love with us just as we were falling in love with her. When she finally met Mike this past Saturday, she was a keeper. 
I went to the shelter at the end of the day and filled out the adoption paperwork. They let me know that she was not able to actually go home with me in till she was spayed. That appointment was going to be on Monday. (they don't let any pets go without being fixed first) So, Sunday we picked her up again to spend the day with her...and to get her out of "jail" for the day. 
When I brought her back after our day of hiking, there was another dog in her kennel, and all of her paperwork was taken down. 
(because her paperwork said "adopted")
I informed one of the workers that there was a dog in her spot and he moved the other dog.

I didn't really think anything of it in till I was driving away. 

I just hope because her paperwork wasn't there, will they remember she still has the appointment? 
The shelter isn't open on Mondays so I couldn't call and make sure.
 We will see if she actually is able to come home finally on Tuesday. 
I would think everything was written down in the computer system, but I'm not gonna lie... 
it is a little disorganized there. 
We decided to name her Cami. 
 Mike always seems to bring it back to military life. 
I liked the name Kiwi, but that reference is towards "New Zealand, and she is a Australian Cattle Dog. 
Blue Heeler to be exact. 
They have her down as being a stray.
She is about 2 years old. 
Her tail has been docked so I am figuring that she has been on a farm. 
(people dock these dogs tails if they are working dogs) 
She is definitely a chaser.  
squirrel, bird, rabbit, cat...anything
She has a couple things that she needs to learn, but that all comes with time. 
Mike is really excited to have a dog that he can run with. Bolo, being a American Bulldog wasn't able to run long distances. Because of his snub nose they don't do well with breathing and heat. 
Cattle dogs are herding dogs, so very smart and active.  
I am really excited to have a dog to go hiking with. 
She is going to be the perfect companion.

-written on Tuesday-
Everything worked out and we have our Cami home. :)


  1. I am so happy for you all!!! She is beautiful and so lucky!

  2. Yay! I'm so glad she was able to go home with you! She is adorable!! Personally, I would not be able to handle a high energy dog. But, it sounds like she is a perfect fit for your active family! Looking forward to seeing more family updates with her!

  3. I understand the struggle with being a foster family. I still miss our last foster. I wish we would have kept him! Kennel dogs are such good dogs. They get bad reputations! Congrats, that breed will make a perfect running and hiking mate.