Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Peek a boo

I did a elective ultrasound with this pregnancy like I did with Emma's. Emma's ultrasound was at 33 weeks and didn't really go so well. I had to go back twice because she was not cooperating with having her pictures taken.  
This little boy was no different.  
There is only one place semi close (hour away) to my house that does it. Mike hadn't heard the heart beat of this little boy yet so he was able to leave work early and come with me. We got there and spent a good while trying to get some good pictures of him but he was just not having it. His hands were just not moving from his face know matter what we tried. 
I know that these ultrasounds have the best results around 28-30 weeks. I was at 34. 
They rescheduled a appointment for me so we could try again. It is so nice that they give you that option to do that. 
At 34 weeks and 6 days I had my second appointment. I was expecting the same results just because I was so far along and he doesn't have much room in there. 
It was to my surprise that we got some pretty good face shots this time. 

I was also surprised when I went to look at the CD that the place gave us that I had 86 photos of the little guy. She also (on the down low) measured him and told me he weighs a little over 5 lbs.
It is so amazing what technology can do. 

I am now at 36 weeks and 4 days...coming down to the wire.
Besides this one, I haven't taken a updated belly photo yet, so I will have to do that soon. I also have a maternity shoot coming up and then I will pretty much be ready for this baby to come. 
It is crazy to think that in just one week from now will be the time that I had Emma. 
She was right at 38 weeks.
I am still a little up in the air with who will be watching Emma while I have her brother. I have a good friend that would love to watch her but she will be on vacation in till the a week before his due date. I have another friend that Em could stay with for a couple hours but she is on vacation in till his actual due date. Soooo...I really have to get on what we are going to with her for a couple hours. I guess there is always my neighbor but that would be my last option. 
I still have been feeling really really big and uncomfortable. This past week I have started to get the feeling of charlie horses coming on. I have only really had one during the night with this pregnancy but I get the feeling a couple time through the day. 
I had my Group B test at my last appointment. I was positive with Emma's pregnancy so I am expecting the same results. She also checked me and I was just 1 cm dialed but she said I was thinning out. 
I need to register to the hospital still that I am going to decided to go to. I am still up in the air with that one. My doctors office is at newer hospital that seems a lot more up to date and "cleaner" but doesn't have a NICU. I would really like to deliver there but the other hospital is closer to my house and has a NICU. I feel like it is stupid not to deliver there God forbid something happens. I will have to stop going back and forth and pick one. 
Other then all that, I am ready to have this little guy already. My uncomfortable level is pretty sky high. I know it would be better if he would marinate a little longer but I wish I could just speed up the weeks and it be August already.  

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  1. Oh he is precious! We did an elective ultrasound at 31 weeks and I am so glad that we did! :)