Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Name

Naming a human is HARD!

I'm not sure if I ever went into where we got Emma's just a little back story on that. 
We were really having trouble naming her. I think we didn't even know in till a hour before she was born.  I associate people's names a little too much with the person that they are. 
Believe it or not, I did not no any Emma's....even with it being in the top 5 since 2002 (thanks to Ross and Rachel's baby on Friends) . I know she will probably have 12 Emma's in her class once she hits school, like I did when I went to school (katie was very popular too) but that didn't really matter to me. 
We were also looking into the origin a little. 
Mike is Italian and German and I am pretty much fully German with a tiny touch of Irish. 
With her being born in Hawaii, we also wanted a little touch of that also. 
So we ended up picking Emma, not just because we thought that name was sweet and simple but also because it is German and because there was a queen in Hawaii named Queen Emma. 
There are statues, street names, hospitals and castles named after her around the island.   
Looking back at it now, I don't think any other name would fit her as well as Emma fits her. 
Her middle name was pretty much a no brainier. Mikes beautiful mama was named Michele. I know she would have been such a wonderful grandma so it was only fitting to give Emma the special memory of the angle looking down on her. 

This little boys name was suppose to be a lot easier. 
 If baby # 2 was a boy, it was always going to be Michael. 
When we found out it actually was a boy, Mike had second thoughts. So we were off to struggle thinking of one again. 
Once again the origin came into play.
 Mike came up with Charlie. 
There are a couple reasons why. 
First Reason- There are 4 "names" in the military alphabet. One of them being Charlie.
Second Reason- Mike was in Charlie Company twice. 
Third Reason- We live in the Capital of West Virginia which is Charleston where he will be born. 
Fourth Reason- Mike had a best friend growing up that had tragically passed away. We are still close with his family.
Fifth Reason- It is derived from a Germanic word.
Sixth Reason- It means 'warrior" and who doesn't love that? 

With all that, we have decided to name him Charles David. 
David being named after my father. 
It feels good to have the name ready and not have to think about that any longer. 

I also feel like the names, Emma and Charlie go well together. One isn't too simple or complex from the other.  
They both are traditional and common. 
So there ya have it. 
Everyone has a opinion on a baby's name. I learned my lesson when trying to think of names for Emma (before we came up with Emma) that people will trash names you like so quickly. I was going to keep baby #2 name a secret because of this reason but I really don't care anymore if someone doesn't like it. 
My baby...not yours :) 

Just to have this written if I ever forget. We did have alternate names for both kids. 
I really liked the name Maci when I was pregnant with Emma. 
That was shot down quite a few times from a couple people. With our last name starting with a M, and her middle name was a M, people didn't like the MMM. I also got the Macy's department store thing a lot.  If she was a boy it probably would have been Michael David. 
If baby # 2 was a girl, we both really liked the name Tess or Tessa. We never got far enough to come up with a middle name. 


  1. I absolutely love his name and the reasoning behind it! :) So amazing!

  2. So cute!!! i know of one charlie. Charles is a good strong name.