Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Puppy Love

Loosing Bolo in April was and has been hard. I felt like I needed something but wasn't really ready to start with a new fur baby yet. Having a pet in our family has been a trying sometimes. I have never boarded any of my dogs before so whenever we travel we are always thinking, who is going to be able to stay at our home to watch them, or is it a pet friendly place so we can bring them along. This is something that I know we will have to get over with our next dog. We need to have vacations! Bolo also took a huge toll on our finances the last 2 years of his life. Not that I would not have payed it or double if need be, but bringing another dog into our life at the moment (plus a new baby on the way) I don't think would be the best. 
I say this now.......

I started volunteering at the animal shelter in my town. 
Not really "volunteering" in my eyes. Maybe down the road I will actually be able to spend a few hours there and really help out with the run of the place, but as of now I am doing it for my love of puppies and hopefully brighten the day for dog. 
I go in the morning and sign out a dog for the day. I can take them wherever I would like as long as I am back a hour before closing. 

I have a special place in my heart for older dogs, especially when they are in a shelter. They have such a hard time getting adopted because of their age. Especially when they are in the "puppy room" because they are a a smaller breed. I also have a love for Beagles. My very first dog was a Beagle and was the best thing that had ever happened to me. 
When I went for my "walk through" at the shelter before a was a real volunteer, I saw this guy in a small cage in the puppy room wagging his tail like crazy. 
I knew I would be coming back for him for some one on one. 
Justin is a 7 year old Beagle that was a stray. 
I took him out and we went to the park for a hike. Then we walked around a pond. After getting sweaty we went home and I gave him a bath and alot a few of treats. He had a chance to relax a little without a ton of barking at all times which I think he needed. We had him for 6 hours and within those 6 hours I fell in love.
He was amazing with Emma! 

He is such a sweet dog. He truly had such a connection with Mike. Very loving and just wanted to be a part of the family. It was pretty difficult for me to take him back. I am heading back to the shelter to do this all again tomorrow.
Going into the kennels are pretty scary. There are a ton of dogs barking their heads off at you as you walk threw. I know these dogs are way different once they are outside of their cages, but when I have Emma's safety that comes first I have to make smart decisions who I take out for the day.

I have been back a couple more times to take a pup out for the day...and each and every time I have come back to Justin.
(his lip is stuck)

I told Mike that when we get home from fixing our house in Ohio, and Justin is still there we are going to make him part of our family and give him a forever home.

I was so upset when I found out he had been adopted when we got home. Its more like I am so happy for him...but I am being selfish because I wanted him. I just have to keep telling myself that it was just not meant to be. I hope he went to a loving home and they are going to make his senior days happy.
I will continue to go to the shelter and try to give joy to another dog for the day. 


  1. This daily "check out" is a really great set up. In CA, we fostered dogs for the week. It was ok but it can be a long time. I could do daily walks and a little spoiling. Shelter dogs are so sweet. They really get a bad wrap! I'm glad he got adopted. Your next dog will come along at the right time!

  2. I love the idea of the daily checkout, I think that is an amazing program to have. I think it's wonderful how much love you gave to Justin but I think I would have felt like you did and been a little sad that he had been adopted.