Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Room Tours

Who doesn't love to see into other peoples houses?
I know I am nosey and love when people open up their living quarters so I can check it all out. 
So, here are the kids rooms as of now. 
Ill start with lil mans room just because its totally new. 
It used to be our guest bedroom.

Mike has been really excited that little one is a boy ever since we found out. Of course when I asked him about his opinion on the new room, there was no hesitation on a sports theme. I probably would have went with a outdoors, nature, wild animal theme, but I didn't want to burst his bubble. He also had the idea to do gray and red colors. If you guessed it.... The Ohio State University colors are gray and red....yea. OSU football is that big in our house. 
 Thanks to Pintrest, most of these ideas are from there. 
 I made every decoration in his room. 
For me, buying something on Etsy that cost $40 or more, plus shipping doesn't always sit well with my "stay at home mom" pocket. 
 I would estimate that all the decorations on the walls and shelves cost me about $40 altogether.
 I'm still not loving this corner. It has that built-in that I just don't know how to work around. As of now, it will just continue being something that I put random stuff on.  

On to the little girls room. 
 I would love to change Emma's room. Her first room was butterfly theme with lots of yellow. When we moved, I really wanted to do a mermaid, under the sea type room but that didn't happen, so I used a lot of her old room decor.  Now she actually has a say in the way her room is and let me tell you... it is all princesses or the color blue. There hasn't been a ton of progress except for her bed with that new request.
 Besides my Beanie Baby collection, I also grew up collecting Breyer horses. It is my absolute favorite animal and because I could never actually have one, I settled for collecting models. I usually got one for Christmas or my birthday. I looked forward to it each year...give or take a few years. I love them so much and am excited to continue it with Emma. She likes to point them and say "neigh". She also has received her first two. The two on the bottom right are hers. 
I am so thankful to my mother for saving all of my childhood books. Some of these books have a date from 1950s... pretty funny, but classics! 

So there ya have it. 
A little look into my kids spaces. 
They will probably slowly change the next two years that we are in this home, but as of now this is how they stay.  


  1. I love it!!! :) Everything is perfect.

  2. Love that desk in Emma's room! Both rooms look super cool. I never got Addison's nursery (room) complete because we thought we were moving, then we didn't so it's not complete because we think we're moving again. It's so old and frustrating!

  3. I love them both. But, especially the books and the horses, of course. ;)