Saturday, November 12, 2011

Our 96

    Mike had a 96.  I just learned this. :) It means 96 hours. (4 days)  I'm learning so many new things... We took advantage of the absolutely beautiful weather this weekend.  We took a walk to the pier, which was about 2 miles one way. We tried to dodge all the jelly fish but it was impossible. 
  We wanted to go to the Aquarium in Wilmington but we decided against it because it was free to kids for Veterans Day. We would have driven an 1 1/2 hours to be swarmed with screaming children.  So a movie is what we settled on. I wanted to see the "In Time" movie with Justin Timberlake. ( I think that's what its called)  So we made our way to Jacksonville with all the other thousands of people. I recommend, when there is a National Holiday especially for people that are serving our country, do not go into the town that they are living in when they have a 96 also, and try to have lunch or see a movie. We tried 2 different places to eat and we finally felt comfortable with waiting 15 minutes. After lunch we headed towards the theater. Ya, that was never gonna happen. We couldn't even find a place to park. It was 3:30!!! So we drove around a little and then went home.  We took a long walk with the puppy's and called it a night.
    OSU played today, so that pretty much took over all of our day. We drove around trying to find a bar that had the BIG 10 Network and no one did. Mike was very disappointing so we ended up just coming back home. One of his friends stopped by that he hadn't seen for awhile so they had a chance to catch up. OSU lost so it been a pretty quite evening now.
  I made crispy lemon chicken tonight for dinner. It was so-so. I put to much lemon zest in it so it was definitely lip puckering.
   We are planning to see the movie tomorrow so hopefully the outcome will be better then the last one, or I can talk Mike into doing something even better.

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