Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Craziness

   I woke up early this morning to an alarm clock that I hate. Mike puts the most annoying ring tone on that he has and blares it with the highest volume there is. I have to hear it every morning around 4:30 and not just hear it once, he likes to snooze 4 or 5 times. But waking up this morning was a little different. I begged him just another hour as it felt like I had just turned over to close my eyes. But he insisted so 12:15am it was. We got ready to head out to what I thought was going to be a big wast of time. In the car at 1:00am to go shopping just didn't seem right. We did see some good luck tho. Now I comment every night on our walks with the dogs how beautiful the stars are and this night was especially special. We saw a shooting star clear as day as we drove down the road. I feel like I have seen them before but Mike brought up a good point. He says that he has always thought he saw one but he was never quite sure and it was a good thing that I saw it too, to confirm that he wasn't just seeing things. This must have meant there was some good deals on the way. It was also quite funny diving past all the bars with lots of cars still parked in the lot.
   We searched high and low for a newspaper Thanksgiving Day. We must have went to 7 different places and every one was sold out, so going into Black Friday we felt a little blind. Getting to our first shop I was surprised how many cars were parked out front. Being in a town that most of the residents have a few days off (96'is)  I would think they would go home to see their family's, but I was wrong. Walmart was packed! I was skeptical about going in just because there was nothing I really needed there. All the other stores that I had planed to buy things weren't open yet so we were just going to wast some time. We dodged all the carts that people couldn't see over and made our way to the electronics with the rest of the crowd.
    I saw what I wanted to buy my mother so I put that into the cart and was happy I could mark one off my list. The a woman over the PA announced that they has Wii's for $99.00, Mikes eyes got wide and went off to take a look. Coming back with the box in hand and a smile on his face and as he placed his new toy in the cart he noticed a "36 inch TV with a price tag that makes him look around to find someone wearing a blue shirt and a smiley faced button. Now we were one of those people that had a TV in the cart with a bunch of other electronics headed to the checkout.
   A few stores down he noticed that GameStop was open, and sense we just bought a new gaming system it only seemed right to go inside. After purchasing a few games and accessories, we were on our way to Bed Bath and Beyond. Not really knowing what I wanted, I came across Satin bed sheets that I had been wanting for along time, so they went right into the cart. Having a 20% coupon and also a gift-card made those expense sheets irresistible.
   Pets-Mart was our next stop. Just thinking I was going to be buying my furry children their Christmas presents, but we came across much more. We had been needing a new crate for Bolo sense there was a crack in his other one. Looking on-line at large crates, they run around $120. Boy did we get lucky! $35.00! I still cannot believe it. Traveling to Hawaii, we will need to modify this crate a little but its no big deal. We also purchased their water bowls an wee pads.(wee pads are mandatory on flights) Of course I didn't forget to pick up a few toys and bones for under the tree.
    It was finally 4:00am and Dicks was open. Mike had been looking forward to this stop because he needed new cleats for his touch football games. After we waited 15 min to have someone come over to ask what size shoe he needed, only to find out that 11's are the most popular size and they are out of  pretty much every shoe they carry except for 3. The 3 shoes were cleats that were pink, yellow and orange. If you know Mike at all you know that he does not wear any type of color. Black, white, and grey are the only colors in his wardrobe, so that was not going to work. Looking around some more there wasn't much on sale that we wanted, plus the line was half way down the store so we chalked it up and left.
    Office Max was next on the list. I had a gift card there but ended up not having any money on it. I had checked at Walmart the gifts that I wanted to get my sister and dad and was waiting to see how much they were here. It ended up the Walmart had a better deal so we were off again to have a second round.
   We quickly when through Walmart, dashing the people again and gathering up what we needed and called it a night/morning.  Getting home around 7:00am. Taking all our new goodies up the stairs. Mike of course wanted to play with the toys so I left him setting it up while I crawled in bed.
    Waking up at 12:30pm to start our day after our outing was a little different but I think it was all worth it. I look at the people that do this every year in a different way now. Don't get me wrong, I will never camp out in a tent in front of a store but it sure is nice to have more then half your Christmas shopping done so early. We had a great time!

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