Monday, November 7, 2011

*Happy Birthday USMC*

   We attended the Marine Corps Ball last night. 236 years in service. It was lots of fun. We got all dresses up and pretty looking. It was at the Hilton in Wilmington which was very nice. The puppy's had to stay home but we had on of Mikes friends that is in a different MOS come and take them out. Nice hotel tho and great room service. I ordered a Caesar Salad that was to die for. I don't no why it was so good. Just lettuces and crouton's. Maybe I was just really hungry.
   The ball was really nice. There was about 200 people that were there. Lots of higher enlisted people all the way down to 17 year old's.  We kinda stuck to our own group tho.  After all the speeches were over ( 1 hour later) dinner was served. Mike had the steak and I had chicken. It was also good. It was nice everything was still hot when it came to our table. Serving that many people I was surprised. The cake was so pretty I didn't want them to cut it but it was good also. I wish I would have taken a picture of it first. OK, enough about food.
    After dinner the music started. It was interesting because a lot of people left after dinner. Probably more then half the people. It felt like it was empty when you looked around. I came to the conclusion that when you have been to 4 or more of theses balls it starts to become a little old. They probably are all the same. Also it was on a Sunday so a lot of people have to work the next day. I got Mike to dance to 2 whole songs. I was very proud of him. :)  He also was willing to take a few pictures. I had to beg a little but he gave in easy. They had a professional photo studio there which I totally took advantage of. They put us in a few different poses so we could go online a choose the ones we like. I haven't seen them yet but I'm sure Ill buy them all. We stayed about a hour longer, busy taking pictures and socializing. I pretty much met all of the wives and girlfriends of his MOS. All very nice people.
   We ended up leaving and planning on going out for a little once we changed our clothes with some of the couples. That didn't happen. The bed looked really comfortable. It was a memory foam mattress which just sucks you in to it. I definitely will save my penny's for that one day.  I'm glad that we didn't go out because we had to be up early to drive back to the doggies.  Also I finally got a good night sleep not having a 80 pound dog laying on top of me. It was great!
    Mike left a little while ago for work. He had to be there at noon today instead of five. So I made a big breakfast and he actually got to relax before he had to go.  Me and the pups will probably go for a long walk in a little bit. Sit at the beach maybe and watch the fishermen. There has been a ton of them lately. They stand at the edge of the water with 4 polls each. It must be season for a certain kind of fish or something. Its still been really nice here. Its amazing how different its been from back home. People are still wearing shorts and t-shirts here. Its so funny to see knowing that its almost Thanksgiving.
   Well steak fajita's are on the menu tonight. Hopefully they will turn out the way I'm imagining them.

 Oh... if you would like to look at the professional photos that we have taken this is the site.
                                     we are in the third group. Engineer 8-9 pm

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