Friday, November 18, 2011

Glad its Friday

   It's been such a long week. Its the first day that I feel like winter has followed me. We turned on the heat last night which was very depressing. The weather man said that it is just a cold spell and that it will warm back up so hopefully hes right.
   Bolo woke me up bright and early today. The people down the street let there dog out and it was barking like crazy so that means he wanted to bark too. I came to the conclusion that we live on a street with hillbilly's. There are only 3 houses that are actually occupied and of course one of them has to be the trouble makers. Very loud and garbage everywhere. The police are always strolling by so I guess that's a good thing. I feel like such an old lady complaining. They have a pit-bull and they let him out without a leash so I'm always scared to walk by the house with Bolo. There would definitely be a fight. I keep hoping that they are going to be leaving soon because they are in a rental house like us but it hasn't happened. Oh well.
   I made pumpkin rolls yesterday, they didn't turn out the way I had hoped.  I haven't tasted them yet so hopefully their not bad but they didn't want to roll easily so I don't know how pretty they are gonna be. I was going to have Mike take them to class with him for the guys but I changed my mind. Their going to be for desert for Thanksgiving. The leftovers Ill send with him to class.
    Well this weekend Mike has to run the Turkey Trot, 5 miles. He is not to thrilled about it. He signed up for it and paid his money because the thought it was mandatory.  He found out yesterday that it wasn't mandatory and now he doesn't want to do it. I guess we'll see how it goes when he wakes up. He also has a group project due Monday, so he will probably have to get together with some of the guys and work on that.
   The puppy's had a bath today. It was needed. It was definitely difficult not having a shower head with a hose. I tried the whole filling up the cup thing but that was taking way to long. Bolo let me turn on the shower and he rinsed off that way.
   Well I'm pretty sure this weekend wont be that interesting, I just hope the weather turns for the good. We are gonna talk out mid day walk now with my coat on.  :(

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