Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Looking forward to the weekend!

   It Veterans Day on Friday so Mike gets Thursday through Monday off. Hopefully we will be-able to do something fun.  There is a small list of things I would like to do before we leave North Carolina so maybe we can check a few off. There is a fish market in town that I wanna get to before winter. I'm not sure if its open all year round so I need to not procrastinate any longer.  I hope that it will at-least be open at the end of November. My parents are coming to visit and I'm sure this is a spot that my mom wouldn't mind going.
   Also I haven't seen a sunrise yet on the beach. I'm up when Mike leave for work but then I always tend to fall back asleep.  Sunrise is usually around 6:00ish, so when Mike doesn't have to work I feel bad waking him up that early when he doesn't have to be up. So if its not raining then we'll probably try to do this too.
    It was such a beautiful day today. Bolo and I when for a nice run around our neighborhood.  We made our way down to the ocean and he played in the water a little bit. Lots and lots of dead jellyfish washed up over night. I guess that means winter is coming.  After a little it was time to go.  I wanted to continue my run but he started to be a troublemaker so I decided it was time to go home.  He just loves to grab the leash and play tug-of-war. (so embarrassing) and boy does he tug!
    I finally applied to a few places to work yesterday. I haven't heard anything back yet but hopefully soon. Left over meat loaf tonight. I made it yesterday and it was pretty good. Mike was surprised too. He said that I could make it again. :)

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