Monday, November 21, 2011

Close call

   Yesterday was a little stressful of a day. We woke up in the morning to a extremely sick dog that I thought really wasn't going to make it. Sheba (around 14 years old) woke up not herself at all. She couldn't walk hardly at all and when she actually did she would fall after a step or two. Mike had this very important brief that he had to give Monday afternoon that he had been working on all weekend so he was really stressed about that and this was the cherry on top. Sheba was throwing up and everywhere and peeing on herself so it was time to take her in to see the Doctors. There were a lot of tears all morning so Mike decided to come with me to see the Dr.  Because it was a Sunday we could only go to the Emergency Clinic and that was in Wilmington an hour and a half away. Boy was that a long car ride. I thought for sure this was the end of the road for her. We got there and she still wasn't looking good. We waited for the Doc to come in a look at her and tell us the bad news. She finally came in and saw what was happening and decided she wanted to do blood work and give her something for her nausea.  It ended up the Doctor thinks that Sheba had a seizure and we were seeing the after effects of it. After she had giving the nausea shot she got much better. Not being able to walk was the result of being dizzy. The Dr. said all of her blood work was excellent and that was very rare in a dog in her mature state.  I cant believe how lucky we are to still have our baby. Let just say I have a few extra grey hairs from that day.  I'm thankful for the vet clinic, they were the best I had have ever been to. I felt that they new exactly what they were doing and very friendly. All tho the Dr. doesn't know what caused the seizure (if that even what it was) or if she will have them from now on she is doing much better today. Thank goodness for the outcome and now she is sick and tired of all the extra kisses that she has been getting.
   Mike said his brief went really well today.  I know he was a little nervous about it so I'm glad its over. I feel like I hadn't seen him sense Friday because he had been working on it so hard.  He will know his grade on it after the holiday.
   I'm going grocery shopping for Thanksgiving tomorrow. Hopefully the lines wont be to long. I have a feeling its going to be bad. 

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