Sunday, February 19, 2012


   Mike and I went and saw the movie Safe House on Friday. Packed theater of course. Jacksonville is always crazy busy on weekends especially right after payday. OK movie. I was a little surprised how predictable it ended. I thought they would have put a little twist on it at least. Denzel held up to his potential tho.  After that we went to our normal spot and had a few drinks. It was nice to get out of the house and think about something other then the move.
  Saturday we took the pups to their last vet appointment before we have to leave. I wanted Mike to be their with me so I could take both of them at one time and that was the only day he could do. Living 45 minutes away from the clinic that we ended up going to was pretty painful. I called around to all the vets that are around our area and they either were booked all day, weren't even open on Saturday or didn't do Hawaii Health Certificates. I finally found one in Jacksonville that was available. We didn't give anything to Bolo because we didn't want him all drugged up to see the Dr. It felt like the longest 45 minutes of my life. He is so unbelievably bad in the car. I think he is just so excited that he can not control himself at all. Being on a Saturday I felt like all of Jacksonville was in the waiting room. Its amazing how some people just let their dog come right up to another without a thought of it. Bolo HATES the vets and is not happy at all when he is there. So adding to that a random dog in his face makes the situation worse. I was just glad when it was over.  We headed to Wilmington that night. It was once again nice to not have to think about something other then what I still need to get done.
   Today Mike and I went back to Jacksonville to run errands. We needed to buy 2 big suitcases to fit all of our stuff that we still have here. Crossing my fingers that we wont have to mail anything. Also we bought Bolo his new crate. I just wish we didn't buy the other one. Such a wast of money.
   Tomorrow we have a walk through scheduled with our reality company. I'm going to take Bolo for a nice long walk while she is here. That way its a little calmer.

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