Thursday, February 16, 2012

Flights and Hotel...Check

   We have booked our flights finally. It definitely a load off now that we have them.  Landing the exact same time as the dogs is nice. Lets just hope that everything is on schedule. Temp Lodging is all filled so we made a reservation at a Hotel. The map says its only about 20 min away from base so I have my fingers crossed that traffic isn't horrible in the morning's for Mike. The lady that I talked to from the TLA office said that it can take anywhere from days to months to get a house on base. (on that note..the people that work there are either NEVER at their desk, on the phone, or don't ever return messages)(I might have called 50 times before I got through) The "days" would be so wonderful. I want my own belongings back. I think its gonna be like Christmas when I get all my stuff back.
   So know we have a vet appointment on Saturday for both the baby's. I'm praying that everything goes well with that. The Health Certificate is the last thing that I need to get before we can fly/airport release them. Then all the paperwork will be sent out right away and that will be that.
   This weekend we will also have to stop at the pet store. The crate we bought on Black Friday this year for such a great price is not the right size. Because Bolo is a snub-nose dog he has to be in a one size larger kennel then what is recommended.  So to the pet store we go. Also we need to stop and buy a larger suitcase. We had to keep a lot of books/binders/uniforms for Mike to finish school, so I feel like we will have wwwaaayyy more then what the two little suitcases we have can carry. Monday we have a walk through with the reality company to make sure the house is still standing. That's just one more thing that I wont have to think about once its done. 
   Mike has a 72 this weekend so that will be really nice to get a lot of stuff done. This time off came at such a good time.


  1. I'm sure it's a big weight off your shoulders to have accomplished so much! Good for you. HI was our first duty station after we were married. I miss it a lot. You will love it! Pineapple ice cream is a must when you make it to the Dole Plantation. :)

    If you have any questions about HI, lemme know!

  2. I'm definitely going to have to try that flavor! Sounds delish! I'm glad to hear you liked it there. Everyone keeps telling me its so much fun. Soo excited!

  3. Hawaii is great. We loved it. Good luck with everything!