Sunday, February 12, 2012


  I have been computer free for the last couple days.  Mike has been working on his brief all weekend and needed it. So withdrawing from Pintrest has been painful.  He says that his group is doing well tho, so that's all that matters. This one is suppose to be the hardest just because its the last one. Presenting on Tuesday, hopefully all the hard work will pay off.
  Sheba still does not have the pills that I have ordered for her. I have called twice to the place where I had to order the them and tomorrow will be a third time. They had the "nice" Katie then, tomorrow wont be so nice.  I don't like to be confrontational at all but I feel like this company is pushing me around.  It has been 13 days sense she took her last pill and I can totally tell that she desperately needs them.  I will never use these people again!
     Mike and I when to a Mexican restaurant for dinner after he got home from working with the guys. He's not a fan of Mexican so I was surprised that he even mentioned it. I feel like everything on the menu looks the same. I'm sure its all good but its all covered in cheese and beans. I usually get the fajitas. I like the attention when it comes out sizzling.... :)  I got a really dangerous drink while we were there too . I could have ordered 10 Mango Paradises they were so good.  I just felt like it was missing a slice of pineapple or strawberry on the brim. I wouldn't have eaten them anyways but it would have been pretty. Mike was happy with his huge mug of beer too.  

   I cant believe our time here is almost over.  I have yet to find out all the details to our move which is making me crazy. I just feel like something will end up going wrong as usual. I am expecting a phone call tomorrow that will hopefully get the ball rolling. There is so much to still do!

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  1. Happy Valentine's Day to such a cute couple! Take a deep breath, I know moving is stressful but it will all fall into place. I think the anticipation is the worst. We are moving in less than four months and we just moved here 6 months ago and I still get a little worked up. But I always remind myself it all works out and we end up on the other end all together. Thank you for the comment...glad you liked my heart. xoxo Beth