Wednesday, February 1, 2012


   Yesterday, Mike called me to ask if I would bring him dinner because he was going to be sleeping in his room at school. Their brief was due the next day so it was better that they stayed and worked on it. He also hinted that I should make something to snack on. The only thing in my pantry that was quick to make was a cake box, so I made cupcakes. Food coloring to vanilla icing made it a little more exciting

I usually wake up when Mike leaves for work to take Sheba to go out side.(5:00) But because he wasn't here last night I woke up a little later and I notice it was a good opportunity to watch the sun rise. I hurried up and put Bolo's leash on and walked down to the beach in my PJ's. Well it was like watching water boil. Bolo was getting antsy.(he does this thing where he breaths just loud enough to almost be a whine but not quite) So I never really got to see the actual sun rise but it was still pretty.

  Today a friend and I went to lunch, then I gave her a haircut.  Dinner I made Lasagna Soup. Mike was not fond of it (he still ate 3 bowls of it tho) but I though it was pretty good.

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