Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Doggie Drama

   Stressing! I'm having trouble finding a airline that will except a snub-nose dog. Booking tickets tomorrow I would like to be somewhat prepared when I go to the office. Also, I'm trying to have only one layover instead of two. I don't want them locked up in their crate for 18 hours or more. ugg. On top of all that, we will need to arrive by 3:00pm to Hawaii in order to take the dogs with us that day. If not they have to stay overnight at the airport. How in the world do people do this? I wanna cry...


  1. I was a complete mess when we shipped both our dogs from Hawaii to the Mainland. It was like nothing I had ever done before, I bawled my eyes out and Im sure people though I was nuts. I know no words I say can make it any easier because nothing any one told me help but please know that IT WILL BE OK. They will make it!!!!!.
    One of mine was on the same flight as me so we had a straight shot from HI to Dallas and my 2nd one flew out a couple weeks later thanks to a friend but my pouch had a 5 hour lay over in Houston before getting to Dallas. I was about to pull my hair out waiting for her. I know its tuff but you will get through it I promise!!!! If you have any questions at all please fill free to ask!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you... I hope your right! I need to get rich and buy private plane. :)

  2. Katie--This has to be stressful but it will all be okay. Keeping you in my thoughts....Beth