Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Link Up

     The 7 questions are back again...  Link UP....Here 

 Funny Picture:  The Basic Schools Family Day. 2011
1. What is your favorite color TO WEAR?
     Well I have pretty much all the colors of the rainbow in my closet. I tend to always go  for the black though. 

 2. You are given the choice between visiting every country and landing on the moon. Which would you choose?
    Every country for sure. I think I would have a hart attack before I even made it to the moon. Even though I would still have to fly to get all around to the country's. (HATE FLYING/ HEIGHTS) 
3. What's your favorite animal and why?
     My love has always been horses. One day I WILL have them! 

 4. You are forced to do one of the following, which would you choose? Sky dive, scuba dive, or this:

   Definitely the scuba. I would need to change my pants if I did the others. 

 5. You are given the chance to go back in time. Which era would you visit?
    30's & 40's. I love all the dresses

6. If you had the power to remove one thing (ie: flies, mosquitos, junk food) from the earth for good- what would it be?
  Mosquito's! I hate that they leave there mark for 3-4 days after. 

 7. What is one thing you've learned from Pinterest that made you think "GENIUS"!
This was fun! Thanks Gentri Lee