Sunday, March 25, 2012


    This weekend was pretty eventful. One of Mike's new coworker's birthday was on Friday. Waikiki was where we went  to celebrate. We always has such a good time when we go there, once we found a place to park. Mike has such a hard time not getting angry when trying to find a spot. We ended up finding one, paying and then getting a phone call that the group was at a bar about 2 miles away. We should have just parked in the services parking lot because that would have been way closer, and cheaper! We were going to do that but we passed it and he didn't want to turn around.  I think all the new guys that he is working with for the moment are great, but a little part of me misses his old engineer school buddy's. It was something about that group that clicked. I just have to get to know the new ones better I guess. We had a good time tho, good bars, good drinks and interesting people to watched.  After craving breakfast the whole time we were out, Mike and I stopped by a 24 hour diner right by our house. I got my usual and Mike ordered his usual with a side of SPAM. That was a first time for him. I just couldn't bring myself to try it. He said it tasted like a fatty hotdog... I'll pass for now.
   Saturday, we went to a huge Hawaiian Flea Market in town. It was miles long with tons of jewelry, clothing , nick-knacks and food. Everything that you could want that had to do with Hawaii was in that parking lot. We had great weather which made all the difference.

  We are deciding to celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary this weekend because it is very likely he will not be here on that date. I'm sad that we wont have the "real" memory of it.  I do realize that it comes with being in the military, and I am thankful that he wont be gone for a longer period of time. We went to a restaurant that we had already been to but enjoyed very much. (Thank you Sarah!)   Du Vin, (french) is right in the middle of China Town. Its small but cute inside with a amazing pan-fried salmon! After that Mike and I walked around looking for another place we could sit and have a few drinks. Its funny how popular China Town is on Saturdays. We ended up going to a bar/restaurant named Indigo. Really good choice. It had great drinks and amazing music. It was 2 young guys that really know how to play the guitar. One of them (I know this is going to sound funny) was awesome at beat boxing to make it sound like drums. We will definitely be going back for dinner. The menu looked so good! Also it was really surprising how big the place was. There were 2 separate bars, and beautiful place to eat outside and a huge dining room. Hopefully when Mike gets back we will try it out. 
   Today we woke up early. Our plan was to hit the gym and then make our way to the Dole Plantation for lunch. Instead, we went to look at a home that was for rent. It is a 7,000 sq foot home that has 4 separate apartments. We looked at all 4 and we would be happy with any of them. They were enormous! But the real thing we fell in love with was the view. The property's back yard was the ocean... literally, and the mountains in the distance made it even better. AMAZING! Its 2 minutes away from the base too. We filled out a application and hopefully she will call us soon. The only thing is, she isn't sure when the other tenants are moving out. I also saw a stack of applications already filled out by other people that have already looked at it. I guess if it is meant to be, then it will happen. 
 Somebody had a hair cut today that she needed desperately. I usually shave her every summer around  June, but it has been so nice here lately and also he skin has been really bad that I thought it would help. She had a bath after and she is feeling much better now. Her allergy's are actually making her lose  here hair in clumps, Its so sad. I have tried so many different types of food and pills, nothing helps.
   Tomorrow lots of errands for me. I have to get the dogs licensed in in the state, my car plates/safety check done, and a few other not so fun things.

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  1. I love the swap meet at the Aloha Stadium its always so much fun!!! I hope you hear good news back from the house you applied for :)