Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy St Patricks Day!!!

  Mike and I had really good weekend. Friday we went and had a few drinks at one of his coworkers homes. He was married so that's a potential friend for me! It was nice to talk to someone other then my husband... :)

  Saturday we headed to China Town for the St Paddy's Day block party. Its funny how this takes place in the middle of a culture that could probably care less about the day. There are 2 Irish bars there so I guess its bound to happen.

First drinks of the day. Lots more to follow!

 Today Mike and I are heading to look at few houses. Housing office required that we are avidly looking for a house to rent while we are waiting for base housing. So if we find one that is nice then, we wont have to wait any longer.  Grocery shopping needs to be done after that, then hopefully we can take a little hike up a trail for some scenic views.


  1. Good luck on the house hunt! I hope you find something great, whether on base or off!

    If you want we can try to meet up or something soon! Is there anything in particular you need to do (shop or something)? If not we can always just grab lunch or dinner =)

    1. Thanks.I hope we find something soon! I would love to meet up with you. I can always shop and I do love food! My car should be arriving any day now and then, I will be free from having to share his car with him. We should definitely do something!