Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Bolo woke me up bright and early yesterday. I still don't think he is on the right time schedule. Taking him out with tired eyes and almost squashing this HUGE snail would have really made a mess! He was the size a cat, I swear!

Hubby bought me a new camera! So excited! Now I can actually take good photo's in this beautiful state!

On another note...  We picked my sister-in-law up at the airport last night. Its been a wile sense we have seen her so its really going to be nice to spend some time catching up. She is going to be working out here for the most part, but she will have nights free, so that will be fun!
We also had some of our stuff delivered to our temporary house today. It was all the stuff that we had in North Carolina with us so it hasn't been to long sense we have seen it. I just cant wait till the big truck comes with all of our stuff from Ohio! That wont be for awhile tho. 

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