Friday, March 16, 2012


  Mike had a meeting with the housing office on Wednesday. I'm not sure if its good news or bad. They said we are number 11 on the list to get housing. I guess there is always a possibility to get bumped up or down tho because of how long people have been married. I'm not really sure how that works. He stopped in again today just to make sure what month they are really thinking we will be able to have a home. They said probably sometime in May. I'm just praying that it will be sooner because we have to be out of this hotel by May 1st.
   It is such a beautiful day out I decided to take Bolo to the park. We have a bike path right behind our hotel that runs along the water so its a perfect for strolls. Too bad its a little sketchy and I am always looking behind me. I just hope that anyone that would "think" of doing anything sees that I have a huge "mean" dog with me. Bolo played in the water and I sat and tried to get a little color. Bolo was entertained by picking up rocks in his mouth, dropping them and then chasing the splash that it made. Definitely a dirty dog afterwards!
   I'm in the mist of coloring my hair. I hadn't done it in so long and the grey was starting to show... We have a few fun activity's planned for the weekend. Being St. Pattys Day, (one of my favorites!) we need to go shopping for some gear after Mike gets off work. All of my outfits are still packed in storage so...Shopping!  :) Iv seen pictures of the place where we are going and it looks like so much fun and really crowded. Not quite sure how the Hawaiian's celebrate an Irish Holiday but we will soon find out.


  1. You will have a blast celebrating st. Patties day in HI. Fingers crossed you get moved up on the housing list.

  2. 11 is a great place to be on the list! When we got here we were in the 400s!