Monday, March 19, 2012


   We went and looked at the house that we could have possibly rented. It was soooo cute! On a dirt road, dead end, the backyard was the mountains, 1/2 acre, really clean and updated, everything was pretty much perfect except... we don't know how we feel about having our landlords living upstairs. They have 3 kids, dog, chickens and 2 pigs. I'm not sure how Bolo would feel about all that even tho I love it. If we wanted to have people over, I just want to be relaxed at my home, not worried if there are to many cars in the driveway. So I guess we are going to keep looking. If only it was at that price and it was a single family home... Ha.. Ya right.
  After the house, because we were close to the North Shore (house was kinda far away too)  we decided to make a stop on a trail.  This trail was used as an overlook for the fishermen.  I guess they could see the schools of fish from the top. It was very slippery,  humid and half the trail looked like it was washed away by the resent rains. It really wasn't a very enjoyable trail because of all the mosquitoes.
We were actually in a rush to get out of there! I wouldn't be surprised if we have Malaria now! (well just me, Mike has had the shot)

Note for next trail: Wear pants!

These  mosquitoes are way different then the ones we have in Cleveland!  Also, please excuse my cellulite legs... I'm working on it.


  1. You never know, the kids could be great dog sitters depending on their ages :)

    And your legs look great!

  2. The house sounds awesome!!!! I hope you find something that works and that you love just as much as this one!!!