Friday, October 12, 2012

Botanical Garden

In the heart of Kaneohe, there is a amazing place with some really beautiful views. 

Black Bee

 Besides rats and mice this is the only other rodent that lives in Hawaii. (I think)

 I came prepared and brought bread with me because I knew that there was a pond with ducks. 
These ducks were the smartest ever!
They actually kinda scared me a little. I thought they were going to start snapping at my ankles they were so pushy. 
I later read a sign that said not to feed the ducks.

  There was a big ugly shed type thing in the middle of the lake that ruined every shot except these.


  1. Wow amazing!!!!! :) I love going to Botanical Gardens but this is the most beautiful one I have seen (well in pictures) :)

  2. Gorgeous! This has been on my list, but I didn't know anyone who had actually gone. Definitely staying on the list!

  3. Definitely gorgeous! Consider me jealous :)