Monday, October 8, 2012

Radar Hill

Mike and I ran Radar Hill tonight. Boy....It was a doozy!
Its a hill in KBay that overlooks the base.
It's not a long trail by any means but it will sure make you sweat! 
The sun was getting ready to set so my pictures don't look the best, but it is still beautiful views. 

 Overlooking my home, somewhere over by the mountain 

Mike has a crazy idea that will be running this on a regular basis.
 He must be crazy! 

Beautiful place to live! 


  1. Beautiful!! I love all the pictures you post. :)

  2. So ummmm ya.... We're going to need a place to crash this winter, I'm not a cold weather kinda gal.... I'm thinking that hopping between your house and my GF Cindy's who is also a Marine Wife stationed in HI would be ideal! ;) (Help ya curve that baby fever... hehehe)

    1. I'm ready to have you whenever your ready to come! :) (It might make the fever even hotter)