Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mokuauia Island

   Mike and I took a a adventure across the ocean to Mokuauia Island today. Better known as Goat Island. Its only a little over 700 ft to get across from the beach and its pretty much shallow the whole way.

  Its a island that you can walk around the perimeter but the middle section is blocked off for the Sea Birds. Too bad we didn't see any nesting.

I'm just taking a guess on this... They call it Goal Island because it is shaped like a goat from a birds eye view. (no actual goats live there)

A few tricky steps getting there. The waves were coming from all different ways due to the island. Back, front and sides but because it was so shallow it didn't make to much of a problem. Thank goodness for water shoes though!

Oahu in the distance.

 Crazy rocks! Mike said it looked very similar to the Big Island, Hilo side.

    (Don't mind the shorts tan line)

 Beautiful Island with just a handful of people exploring it. Another amazing place that I am so lucky to see.

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