Sunday, October 7, 2012


    Mike had a 96 (4 days off) this weekend, (I did not) so I had a few things in mind that we could squeeze into 1 full day that we could spend together.  It was such a beautiful day that we had to take advantage of the water. 

First off we drove to Laie Point State Wayside. I was surprised how many tour buses were here. I was thinking it was just a little "off the beaten path" place, I was wrong. 
 Beautiful spot to just sit and look out.

Next, Mike and I headed to the North Shore for some food
 I always talk about going to one of the local food trucks but I have yet to convince Mike to eat at one. He is a little unsure about the sanitation standards even though he has eaten WAY worse things when he is in the field I'm sure. Some sweaty guy in a tiny truck with no running water making shrimp just doesn't appeal to him. I have know idea why? 
So we stopped at Cholos. We haven eaten here a few times before and it always seems to hit the spot. Good Margarita's make it even better.  
  We made our way to the shop where we rent out our water toys. Last time we were here we rented a kayak. This time was a paddle board. Being a cow at lunch, paddling just didn't seem that exciting so my loving husband chauffeur me.

   It was a little disappointing this time around. Last time there were a ton of turtles swimming next to our kayak, this time none. (of course I didn't have a camera last time either.)


We will hopefully be purchasing one of these in the near future. So relaxing for such a great workout.


  1. What a fun weekend. I enjoyed you pictures!! xoxo~ Beth

  2. What an awesome weekend! The pictures are great! :)