Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I have finally learned my lesson (hopefully)

I love Halloween!
I look forward to it every year. and when it has finally come and gone I'm already thinking about the next year.
Once again I have been disappointed with my internet purchases. I wasn't sure how Hawaii's Halloween Costume selection was and I was browsing one day and decided to order ours this year from a well know website. Mike was adamant about being Bane from Batman. I showed him the picture of what he would be wearing.

Looks pretty legit...right? 
I also ordered a bald cap and a voice changer for him.
I submitted the order about 2 months ago and it was on back order (probably because its going to be so popular). I received a email yesterday telling me that the order has been finally shipped and to expect it in 7 to 10 days. Well surprisingly, there was a package sitting on the table when I got home yesterday night. (fast snail mail!) This is what his costume ended up looking like.

The first thing I thought was Ninja Turtle?
The upper body is so stiff and plasticy that it looks so cheap and disfigured.
The mask is 10 times to big on him. I'm going to see if I can do some work on it to make it fit closer to his face but because its made of plastic also, it wont be easy.
This costume reminds me of costumes that can be bought at a cheap, well known store that starts with a W.
We spent over $60 for a it wouldn't look like this!
So now Mike has in his mind that he wants to be something different.
ummm! Money down the drain?!
Very disappointing!

Now on to me
Mike and I have never been a "duo" or a "couple" for Halloween. This year was going to be the first. Because he was going to be Bane, I would be Cat Woman.
If I do wear this costume ( I really don't want to because Mike is know longer going to wear his and I only got this one because of the "duo" thing) I will have to definitely do some "repairs".
1.The neck is so tight when I zip up the back, I feel like my brain is not getting enough blood.
 2. The suit is see through. Not just a little see through, I'm talking full on! Hello underwear! (I think this wont be too big of a problem thanks to Spanks.)
3. The cat ears are crooked. They are so flimsy that when they are on your head they become crooked. Not just a little crooked but ALOT.
4. The belt. Once again, cheap! I would probably just use one of my black belts that I already have so that already taken care of.
So I really only need to get new ears and I would take a look at the mask selection too.
$50 costume..Ill probably just suck it up and wear it

Bolo has the only costume that is perfect!
He is so cute in it!

I still have to get Sheba's outfit.
I was also going to get her Batman too (or Robin) but decided against is because she will absolutely HATE all that stuff on her. She would be tripping everywhere with a cape on and I just couldn't bring myself to spend $14 on a costume that she would be sleeping in most of the time. Ill get her something that is a little more simple.

 So, that's it. Thinking that my Halloween Costume buying was taken care of early this year was a joke. I will never buy online EVER again! It is not worth the headache.


  1. Aww, that sucks! I love Halloween, too...but I never order or buy costumes b/c I'm afraid it won't be what I want it to be. I usually try to piece together and make my costume each year.

  2. That is such a disappointment :( I'm sure yall will be able to work something and will have a great time regardless!