Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Really? Payless?

  When did Payless get such a cute shoe selection?

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I hardly ever go to this place, but I decided to stop in when I was in the area. I was expecting to find a bunch of shoes that were not my "style' at all. I was surprised when I started adding boxes to my pile. I left with these but saw way more that would fit nicely in my closet.


  1. I love the shoes at Payless!!! I have so many cute pairs from them, they have really stepped up their game over the years.

  2. I know! I never shop there and I went in a couple months ago and found 2 pairs of shoes I'd been looking for everywhere and hadn't found ones I liked.

  3. I have those moccasins! They are so comfy and unlike other pairs I've bought in the past from other stores, they don't fall apart right away!

    1. Ohhh good! I bought them thinking that I would enjoy them for a few months before I would have to throw them away because of that. Good to hear that they will last a little longer!