Friday, October 19, 2012

Poor Bolo

  Bolo's probably had the worse day that he has had in a long time yesterday. I feel so bad for him which mean extra kisses. It all started with our morning walk. I took him earlier then usually because I had a get together with the wives of Mikes Battalion. I usually take him one of two ways. I was on a crunch so we went the shorter way just around the block. We were almost back to our house when all of a sudden I see a Jack Russel running at full speed toured us. I love every single breed and I have nothing against any Russell out there but this one we have heard before barking and growling when we walk by.
Now Bolo can be a jerk when it comes to other male dogs himself. Maybe being a dominance thing when it comes down to it but he has never really had the opportunity to get into a altercation with a male because he's never met one. (except for my sisters dog which he was OK with after a few minutes) I know this from the way he acts on walks and we pass by another dog. He is getting better at not making his mom to embarrassed with his mean barking but he still stalks them like a tiger. I do blame my husband a small bit. He was in school when he got Bolo and did not socialize him enough with other dogs so that this wouldn't be a problem (also taking him on car rides but that's another story) I came into the picture when Bolo was 2 and that was a little to late. He was set in his ways already and there was not much to do to help him with the things he had problems with.
Back to the story.
This dog ran over to us and attached his jaws to Bolo's skin flap by his back leg. I am panicking because I don't want Bolo to tear him apart so I am holding his neck and this dog is going at him. Where in the world is this dogs owners. Yep...NO WHERE TO BE SEEN! (not to talk badly on anyone's marriage but from what my ears have heard this couple is going through a VERY rough time.) I felt like I was alone with these two dogs for 10 minutes before they finally realized their dog was missing (exaggerating). They came over and grab their dog and asked it everything was OK, but I kinda got the feeling like they thought my dog did something wrong. Yes, he has a way louder mean growl and he is bigger but this little devil dog came to us. My flops were in two different places, my feet were muddy and I was in shock. They said sorry quickly and left. I donno but I feel like I would have handled it in a much different way if I were them. Also I wish I would have answered them differently instead of "Ya, we are OK".  Like...Your dog is Fing crazy!
   As we walked by their house, Bolo marked his territory on their yard. Ha.  I could tell he was a little upset because he kept looking and me like he did something wrong. I know that this was a accident and they probably didn't mean for their lunatic dog to get loose but I still blame them for not being responsible.
  Fast forward to bed time.
  Bolo was sleeping at my feet last night and all of a sudden I could just feel that something wasn't right. What I thought was him dreaming (breathing heavily and twitching) wasn't normal this time. He was actually having a seizure. (we know of one other one about two years ago) Its such a scary thing to go through watching him suffer and being helpless. He ended up throwing up (on our bed, which I had just changed the sheets before we laid down) and not being able to walk a few minutes after it was over. Of course I called the emergence vet and they always tell me the same thing. To bring him in, they will take a few tests, tell me everything is OK, blah blah blah. Vets don't proscribe seizure medicine unless it is happening all the time so we watched him for awhile and he fell asleep.
   So lets just say Bolo didn't have one of his best days yesterday. We are both glad its over.


  1. I feel for you; my Beagle has started having seizures over the past couple of years and now she has them every few months. The vet said its normal as long as they are not happening more than once a month but its still so hard to watch.


  2. I had a chocolate lab that had seizures. It was so tough to watch him go thru that. He knew when it was about to happen and would make sure he was close by for comfort.

    Leslie @ Sincerely, Leslie

  3. Poor Bolo. I hope he gets to feeling better!

    As for irresponsible pet owners... so frustrating and I live in a neighborhood full of them.

  4. I had the experience of watching my dog have a seizure about a month ago. It scared the crap out of me because it came out of no where and she is so small (7# Chihuahua). I worked at a vet clinic for four and half years so I knew all I could do was hold her and stay calm, but boy is that hard to do during a time like that! I'm glad Bolo is ok!