Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Date Night

 Bolo and I waited for Mike to get home from work on Friday. He always says hes going to be home early but I know better. Aloha Friday apparently does not apply to Mike. He will tell me he'll be home at 2 and it will end up being 6 if not later. So Bolo and I went to the beach. It was crazy waves that day so it was nice to watch.

Once he got home, we first headed to Haleiwa Joes.  There are two of these restaurant's on the island. One in the North Shore that we had been to before just to have a drink on one of our stops while exploring, and one here, in Kaneohe. Food was OK. I think I should have ordered something else. Desert made up for it though.

 We will definitely have to go back for lunch. This place has a beautiful view from what I saw (it being dark out).

Mike and I made our way to Ruby Tuesdays after dinner.We were waiting to catch a movie and what better way to kill time then by sitting at the bar....and eating a 2nd desert.

  Next, we saw End of Watch. There is not a very good selection of  movies out right now so we settled for whatever movie time that was coming up. It ended up being kind of a good movie surprisingly. Terrible ending though! (sad)

 Pretty good date I have to say!