Monday, December 8, 2014

City of Lights

I had been looking forward to taking Emma to this parade ever since I found out the date that it was happening. It is the biggest parade in the Hawaii islands. Thousands and thousands of people come to watch the towns lights get lit, the Christmas tree sparkle and the parade march down the streets.

I had told Mike about it and he informed me that there was a Ohio State game on that day and that he is not missing it. (yep...that happened) 
So I braved the streets of Honolulu by myself and my baby. 
I wasn't going to miss it and stay home just because I had to go alone.

After we drove around and around trying to find somewhere to park we had success and walked to where the main event was happening.
 Santa giving the shaka

 Happy New Year in Hawaiian

 The main tree
 The queens palace lit up
 Emma and I picked a spot on some grass, laid our blanket down and waited for the parade to start. Hawaii time is always never on time so I kept her busy. Come to find out we were sitting at the very end. The end where all of the bands stop playing, the dancers stop dancing and the floats turn their lights off. 
We had to move!
We quickly packed up and started the long walk back to the car but still on the same street as the parade. I didn't take to many pictures of it all but it was a typical Christmas parade. 
Very bright and sparkly.
Now...what I was worried about happened. 
I had no clue where I was and how to get back to my car. 
My phone was on low battery and I was starting to sweat worrying about my now sleeping baby and myself being lost in this city. After what seemed like 4 hours of walking but probably really only 45 min of wandering, the GPS worked and I made it back to Silvia (my car). 
Now the fun part came.
Overall, Emma and I had a great time. She loved the bright lights and the loud music from the bands. I'm so glad I didn't let going alone hold me back from taking her to her first Christmas parade.


  1. Wow this looks like a lot of fun! I love the lights.

  2. I always loved loved going to the Honolulu City Light Parade, it was one of my favorite things about the holidays in Hawaii. Makes me miss living there so much more!!!

  3. Jarrod and I went to that parade while the sub he was on was in dry dock in Pearl. We loved it! Such a fun festive event!