Wednesday, December 10, 2014


A post with just a whole bunch of random stuff that we have been up to..
 December is here! Pool day it is!

December 2nd this guy turned into an old man.
The big 3-0
I make him a cake every year. He wanted Tiramisu this year. 
It was soggy.  :(
I wanted to go all out and rent a beach house, have food catered and throw a party.....but we are in the middle of renters with our house back in Ohio. It has NOT been fun having to fix all of the repairs the last renter left us with and lets not even talk about a mortgage payment on top of our rent for the last few months. 
Crossing our fingers that our house will rent soon!!!

Best way to start the morning!

New sensory fun for this baby.
A bag of water and oil. A bag of shaving cream. A back of rice.
All have different color food colorings.

The next three photos are just a little bit of what I have been working on lately.
Its no surprise that I love where I am living at the moment.
 I decided to put it on my wall.
 Emma's bows have been laying all over the place lately so I made her this to keep them organized.
 This toy chest was made for us by one of Mikes Marines. 
I am so in love!
I stained it awhile ago with a color that I thought was going to be pretty.
 It was orange!
So I stained it again with a different stain and loved it this time.

Learning how to drive.


  1. You're so creative, Katie! Love all your projects. And happy belated bday to your man.

  2. She loves her pup that is for certain!

  3. So the sensory things... aren't you afraid the bag will get broke open?